Weather conditions post threat to waterproofing performance

Fo20160409_150021r the third time in the week, heavy downpour came absurdly in the middle of the hot days. The sudden and drastic change in temperature and moisture content pose great challenge to the durability and performance of the waterproofing system.

Buildings (and also waterproofing membrane) expand and contract significantly under the sudden weather change. As a result, rigid and less-flexible waterproofing membrane tends to break and lead to water-leakage. This problem prevails particularly at balcony area, even worse for roof-less, extended and cantilever balconies.

Yet, flexible waterproofing membrane is not 100% foul-proof. Bonding and adhesive strength of membrane is often sacrificed in the pursuit of higher elasticity. Result is~ exposed-waterproofing-membrane (on the roof surface without screeding protection) tends to blister/ bubble up when the heat forces the vapour in the concrete out.

It is never simple and straight forward in getting the right and suitable waterproofing material for different situations. Consult a professional and responsible waterproofing company.

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