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  • To reduce water absorption and prevent algae growth, to enhance the self-cleaning effect to the treated surface. The high detergency of W40 can also be used to remove algae.
  • For plastered wall, concrete wall, ledge and roof, manufactured and White Color natural stones and aerated cement block before painting. (Note: May cause a white deposit on colored surfaces, granite and marble due to over coating.)
  • To treat the back of Stone to prevent rising dampness and salt penetration.
  • To inject into building bored holes combating capillary rising damp in masonry.
  • Low fired clay products immediately after the have been made: e.g. Roof tiles, bricks, aerated cement block and flowerpots. Also outdoor timber to reduce water absorption.
  • Gypsum & gypsum-based plaster board. Light fillers, such as perlite, vermiculites insulating material.
  • Additive to water glass, to water based silica paint.



  • W 40 will penetration deeply and chemically burning away the thick living algae. It develops water re-pelling effect by reacting with the CO2 to form polymethysilica. It has very good non-stick, self-cleaning effect, that keep the building clean and new.
  • The pores and capillaries are not sealed and hence water permeability is not reduced.
  • The substrate; the treated surface does not become glossy. No formation of harmful by products.



  • Stone is sensitive, test apply on a small area, to check on the changes in shade. Before full application.
  • Pre-dilute W 40 + Water = 1 + 50 before use. Coverage: 60 m2 / 1 kg
  • Cement plaster, cement based paint containing lime, or cement for new construction (highly alkaline) should be allowed to age property (3-4 weeks) before W 40 is applied.
  • W40 is not recommended for treating the outside cement wall, due to white spot develop.
  • It is not possible to impregnate a masonry surface already treated with W 40, as it can no longer ab-sorb the aqueous solution of impregnating agent and this can cause formation of white spots. For this reason, particularly with façade or other objects of large surface area, the impregnation work should be carried out without any work breaks to prevent the described phenomenon at overlapped points. (W4 WATER REPELLENT is recommended for the job.)
  • Reasonably good water repellence develops after 24 hours under room temperature.
  • Dipping process is ideal for impregnating bricks, roofing tiles, clinkers etc.
  • The absorbency of these building materials determines how long they should remain immersed in the bath (50 to 100 times diluted with water). The time can vary between 5-60 seconds. Immediately after impregnation the material should not be stacked.
  • W40 can be use to remove blacken Algae from the wall and impregnate at the same time.



  • Appearance: Clear to Hazy liquid
  • Odours: Characteristic
  • Specific Gravity (25C): 1.3
  • Solid Content (w/w): 42 %
  • Silica Content (w/w): 18 %
  • K2O Content (w/w): 16 %
  • pH: 13 – Highly Alkaline.



  • CORROSIVE & IRRITANT: W 40 is strongly alkaline, due to the presence of POTASSIUM HYDROX-IDE. Appropriate safety measures must be taken while handling the product; Protective glasses and gloves should be worn while using the product. Any splashes on the skin should be washed off with plenty of water.
  • Spraying should be done with an airless spray. While spraying, the solution should not be atomized and inhalation of the spray mist should be avoided.
  • To protect third party from contact with the alkaline fluid, the working area should be screened off from public during treatment.
  • W 40 possess a high order of toxicity, however poses no hazard incidental to industrial handling if reasonable care and cleanliness are observed. The acute oral toxicity is not determined.
  • Allow excess W 40 to be absorbed into the concrete and complete the chemicals reaction, to avoid disposal.



1 kg-bottle/ 5 kg-carboy/ 20 kg-jerry can


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