Be optimistic in a pessimistic market

Pessimism prevails in market nowadays. Customers feedback tells that price war is getting more evident. People are selling products of unknown quality, from unknown and unorthodox sources at ridiculously low price. This kind of phenomenon happens almost every time when the market feels tensed and lacks of confidence.

There is little we can do to overturn the overall market sentiment. But, hopefully all parties (suppliers, dealers and contractors) think and act wisely during this critical period. The business and profits earned through cutting corners do not last long. Instead, it can easily destroy your hard-earned reputation over the years. As for the house owners,  hopefully they understand that construction, renovation and waterproofing works are the cheapest when they are being carried out in the right way at the very first place. Any problem or imperfection costs dearly to rectify.

Still, we will stand by our superior product quality which is best for everybody. We do not sacrifice value for figure.Logo

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