• Waterproofing: Basement Wall, Tunnel, Toilet Floor, Concrete Rooftop, Flower Trough, Swimming pool,
    Water Tank, Pool and fishpond.
  • Multi-purpose Adhesive: Use direct for wallpaper. Carpet and wood parquet bonding. Bonding Vinyl
    film onto plywood. Fibre to paper, fibre to foil, vinyl to film, ceramic tile setting, and asphalt tile to floor.
  • Injection into Screed and Wall to Waterproof: Use W 5 by itself or a mix polymer to inject. Injection
    Pressure is 100 phi. Drying Time is about 10 days at 300C inside the sand screed.
  • Water Tank & Roof top Waterproofing :
    Use W5 + Plastering Cement (or Cement) to form an elastic membrane.
  • New to Old Concrete Bonding
  • Curing Compound Dilute W5 Multibond with Water (Ratio 1: 4)



Cement added with W 5 will

  • Able to work on damp surfaces, able to act against flowing water to stop leak. Waterproofing effectively
    on the positive and negative side. Non-toxic water-based polymer. Improve elasticity with self-levelling
    property, reduces porosity, Reduces shrinkage by up to 10 times for cement sand screed, and thus reduces
    shrinkage cracks. It increases cement-setting time by 1 hour.
  • Good for wall plastering and admixture for non-shrink grout. After application, 1 to 2 days for curing by
    wetting is enough.
  • Improved bonding strength by 2 to 3 times to 30.57 kg/ cm2. Especially good for bonding Homogeneous
    tiles, granites and marble tiles and wood bonding. Bond directly onto concrete surface.
  • Allows thin plastering work. Does not yellow exposed to sunlight.
  • Increased flexural strength to 71.33-kg/ cm2 and compressive strength to 407.6-kg/ cm2.
  • Chloride, salt water, oil, vapours and mild acid resistance, a feature particularly suitable for concrete
    structure builds around the marina. It resists water pressure to 15.28-kg/ cm2.



  • Based on Cement + Sand ratio of 1 + 3, the amount of water needed is 24% by weight of cement, which can be replaced totally with 24% of W 5 or its dilution for optimum performance.
  • Ensure surfaces to be coated are clean and intact, remove paintwork or grease thoroughly. No chipping to the cement surface is needed. Dampen all surfaces before application.
  1. Tile Adhesive and Cement Slurry Bonding & Waterproofing
    Dilute W 5 : Water : Cement = 1 : 2 : 15 by weight.
    Usage: 0.26 kg / sq. m. per 2 mm thick.    8 % W 5 based on weight of Cement.
    For Tile-Over-Tile Bonding: Skim-coat the Old tile surface with W 5 + Cement before tiling the next day.
  2. Cement Slurry Waterproofing:
    Dilute W 5 with 1 time of water. Mix cement with the diluted W 5 solution (40% of the weight of cement).
    Usage: 0.4 kg / sq. m. per 2 mm thick.     20% W 5 based on weight of Cement
    Higher dosage of W5 increases the flexibility of Cement, and else wise.
  3. New to Old Concrete Bonding, Cement Sand Screed, Wall & Ceiling Plaster.
    • Apply the CEMENT SLURRY BOND COAT, when it begin to gel and strengthen, apply the Render, the
    Render thickness should not be more than 20 mm (3/4”) per coat.
    • Or Pour the concrete into the formwork immediately.
    Mix Ratio:      Cement : W 5 : Water
    12 : 1        : 2 to 3     by volume
    Mix Ratio:      (Cement : Sand = 1 : 3 to 5 ) : W 5 : Water
                                            18 : 1                                 : 5 by volume
    Usage: 0.50 kg / sq. m. per 25 mm thick. 4 % W 5 based on weight of Cement.
  4. Spalling Repairs, Mending worn-out floor and holes, Patching works around piping etc. 
  5. Concrete Curing Agent
    Mix Ratio: W 5 : Water = 1 : 7 by volume.
    Mix well, brush over freshly poured concrete surface, so to reduce shrinkage cracks, increase strength, surface hardness and to waterproof.
    Usage: about 0.5 kg / sq. m per 2 mm thick.



To use 12% of W5:

  • Dilute W5 : Water = 1 : 1 by volume before adding into the cement and sand mix.
  • Usage: 6 kg of W5 per 50 kg-bag cement.



  • Physical Form Thick Milky Pure Polymer Solution
  • Elongation 5.3 time its thickness.
  • Shelf Life 12 months
  • Water Test Zero Water Penetration – DIN 1048 part 5 : 91. Tested by SETSCO.



4 litre-carboy / 5 litre-carboy/ 10 Litre– carboy / 20 litre-jerry can









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