Difference between W-4, SS10 and W1-D


W4 SS10 W1DInquiry received on 11Street.my, asking about the difference between W-4, SS10 and W1-D. The explanation follows:

1) Both W-4 Water Repellent and SS10 Shower Seal are water repellent. They penetrate into the substrate (e.g. concrete, cement, tile joint, etc.) to seal up cracks and micro pores. They are capable of stopping water absorption while keeping the existing surface appearance intact.

2) W-4 Water Repellent is the only repellent product in the market that is designed for specialists use. It is highly concentrated and need to be diluted with at least 10 times of water. It gives the best repellency performance, highest versatility and cost effectiveness.

3) SS10 Shower Seal is the DIY grade of water repellent. Home owner can apply it (by brushing) directly without needing to dilute.

4) W 1-D Cement Strengthener is a polymer to be added into cement, concrete or tile grout. It significantly improves the bonding strength, hardness and water resistance of the cement. It is particularly important for bonding of tile grout as the contact surface is small (more difficult to be bonded on), and the area is always wet.

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