Rumours vs Marketing Tactic

As the market leader, we have always been the target of imitation and subject of various rumours. Every year, newcomers appear to introduce their products as “equivalent to” or “better than” WARRIOR W-1 CEMENT STRENGTHENER. Some of them are still available in the market till today while some others have disappeared.

Recently, there has been another party making false claims to customers, like, their products are OEM-ed by WARRIOR, or the packaging of WARRIOR W-1 has been changed, or WARRIOR W-1 has been out of stock or been phased out.

We would like to emphasize that neither WARRIOR P/L (Singapore) nor W-ONE MARKETING S/B does OEM for other companies/ brands. We are not related to those parties in any way.

We would like to remind customers to be alert of any statement/ claim that is related to our products or company. We encourage all to cross-check with us first before trusting the rumours.  Those are probably just another marketing mimic.

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